Rolling Fields was planted in 1954 in the heart of Jeffersonville with the hope of spreading the gospel throughout Southeastern Indiana. In 1958 the original church building was built and the church established itself as a consistent presence and gospel witness in the Rolling Fields neighborhood. Rolling Fields has seen seasons of growth and decline, and has experienced Jeffersonville go through tremendous changes during these past 60 years.

Rolling Fields has chosen to be a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, which enables us to combine resources with tens of thousands of other like-minded churches around the country and means that we can be more effective in ministry efforts here and all over the globe (read more about out ministry network here). Rolling Fields is an elders-led, deacon-supported, congregational church. In other words the church is governed by the congregation, led by an elder team who are released by servant deacons to devote themselves to the ministry of the Word and prayer (see more about our staff and leadership here).