Connect | Build | Serve | Send

Connecting People to God

This is seen most visibly through our Sunday morning worship service, though this really begins outside our church walls. Our desire is for our people to be active in their neighborhoods and around our community so that they can meet others who are outside the church and begin building a relationship with them. Go here to find out about the different ministries of the church and get connected.

Building People Up in their Faith

We want to move our people beyond simply connecting with others, and to begin building deep and lasting community with one another. This is seen most visibly through our Small Groups. Go here to find out more about our small groups and find out about joining one.

Serving People in Love

God has uniquely gifted each follower of Christ and there are a number of different ways those gifts can be used for ministry in the church. Go here to see a list of our different service opportunities and to find out about joining one of the different ministry teams.

Sending People into the World

The good news of Jesus is not for us to keep to ourselves. Join us as we proclaim that good news in our community and to the ends of the earth. ​We partner with several local organizations that provide services to people in need, but we also want to take the charge to equip and send out church planters and missionaries seriously. Go here if you’re interested in pursuing a call to ministry.