At Rolling Fields, we believe that it’s important for the church to be committed to one another and one way we do that is through Church membership. We take church membership seriously (here are a few thoughts on why Church membership matters) but because we believe in its value, we want to encourage you to pursue it for the benefit of the church and your family. Here is an overview of what the process for joining Rolling Fields looks like.

Faith in Christ

Church membership without faith in Christ is completely useless. We must first recognize our need of and place all of our hope in Jesus Christ to save our souls. When we believe the gospel, we are forever transformed. For a brief explanation of the gospel, go here or if you would like to talk to one of our elders email


Baptism is an initial step of faith in the life of the believer. Baptism is a way of illustrating both Christ’s death and our new life. Jesus himself was baptized (Mark 1:9) and he commanded us to baptize other believers (Matthew 28:19-20). To find out more about baptism, go here or email to schedule a time to talk about baptism.

Membership Class

We offer a membership class periodically throughout the year for anyone interested in joining the Fields. This is a one time class where we cover the vision, beliefs and ministry philosophy of Rolling Fields. This is a great opportunity to sit down with some of our elders and ministry leaders to hear about what God is doing in our church and how you can be a part of it.

Meet an Elder

This is not an interview or examination, but simply an opportunity for you to meet with one of the elders at Rolling Fields. This allows one of our elders to get to know you, which we believe is critical in order for our elders to care for you and lead you. We want to know your story, in fact if you have never shared your testimony you might consider writing it down before meeting with the elder.

Sign the Covenant

This might sound ominous, but all we’re doing is putting into words the commitment we share as a church body. This is a commitment on the part of the church member, to serve and support the church, and it’s a commitment on the part of the church body, to collectively care for that individual.